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Witify offers a three-phase methodology to understand important issues and implement the optimal solution for your business and its strategic positioning.

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Our method in 3 phases

An approach that highlights your brand for your customers.

Phase 1

Analysis of the issues and positioning

You know your business better than anyone and we rely on it to understand all your needs. And then anticipate all those to come.

  • Collect qualitative and quantitative data to target relevant metrics
  • Design of loyalty tactics and conversion tunnels
  • Competitive differentiation through a unique brand image (and its history)
Phase 2

Development of the e-commerce platform

Our team of experienced developers will take care of integrating your brand image with the highest standards of online shopping, while incorporating its secret sauce of powerful and unique home-tools.

  • Creation of visual interface mockups
  • Implementation the interface, features, and data structure
  • Approval by the quality assurance team for the highest standards
Phase 3

Deployment and reviews by iteration

No platform is ever completely finished. By keeping a strong relationship with you, we regularly review the site to update all features that would maximize your revenue.

  • Integrating the technology into your work environment
  • Training of key members in the various tools of the platform
  • Documentation, follow-up and roadmap for the future of the project
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