Custom application

A unique and personalized solution, developed for your needs and your reality, whatever they are.

Do you have a unique application idea that will change the world?

The Witify team supports the development of the software to turn your vision into a complete, high-quality application. We know that your project has its own goals, constraints and unique characteristics. Our team is ready to adapt to your needs while guiding you to ensure your success.

We adapt to your reality

Whether you want to design a prototype or quickly reach a commercial version, we adapt to your reality.

Our team wants to support you in tasks where you lack time or expertise; whether in Product Management, Design, User Experience Development, Software Engineering, Quality Assurance or Integration in a Technology Environment.

Concentrate on your strengths, we take care of the rest.

Our method in 3 phases

Our 3-step methodology is based on active listening and fluid communication that will maximize the success of your product. We want to understand your goals, your customers and really implement the best solution for your project.

Phase 1

Project analysis

The analysis phase makes it possible to target the priority needs, better understand the company and its current and long-term positioning.

  • Analysis of project objectives
  • Definition of the typical user
  • Company vision and graphic brand
  • Planning of the schedule of the various phases of prototyping and marketing
Phase 2

Application development

Frequent monitoring allows us to communicate quickly and effectively through the development process.

  • Design of visual models and optimization of the user experience
  • Back-end and front-end software development
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Tests and quality assurance
Phase 3

Deployment and reviews by iteration

Frequent monitoring allows us to communicate quickly and effectively through the development process.

  • Deployment and implementation of monitoring tools
  • Documentation of internal metrics (technological and business)
  • Training
  • Follow-ups and iterative reviews
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