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How to update old software: 3 ways to free yourself from legacy systems

François Lévesque 1

François Lévesque

Directeur technique chez Witify

Like technology and electronic devices, enterprise software systems must constantly evolve. Often, companies don't realize that their software systems are obsolete until they run into problems or need to be updated.

It's already been established that obsolete software can damage your business. It's crucial to move away from legacy systems. These old systems can be costly, exposing your business to risks such as viruses, breakdowns, hacker attacks and more.

By updating your software systems, you minimize these risks and boost your company's productivity, setting yourself apart from the competition.

However, upgrading can be daunting. How do you make the transition from legacy systems to new software while preserving the integrity of your data and minimizing disruption to your business?

We offer three tips for ditching legacy business systems:

Do your research

Understanding the problems is essential. Gather the information you need to make informed decisions. Consider how many people depend on your software systems, how often your employees or customers use them, and which features are used most.

Don't overlook your options for new software. Find a solution tailored to your company's specific needs. Before embarking on the development of expensive custom software, consider whether there is an off-the-shelf option available. Consulting software experts is also advisable to ensure the best choice.

Carry out thorough tests

Once you've identified which software system needs replacing or updating, start with compatibility tests. Assess what will run smoothly on different operating systems, web browsers or applications.

At this stage, it's crucial to gather user feedback. What are the most frequent points of friction with the old system? What features would they like to see evolve? Are there parts of the program that could be optimized? Testing the legacy system from the user's point of view may reveal specific needs for updating.

Consider your migration plan

Think about the best strategy for moving your business away from the old system and onto the new one. Perhaps you'll want an immediate transition to instantly adopt the changes.

A gradual transition may often be preferable, especially if many users are involved. This allows for staggered training and problem-solving before switching over entirely to the new system.

Some legacy systems cannot be completely replaced due to their complexity. In these cases, it's important to determine whether a life extension plan is the best option, offering a gradual transition while introducing a current solution to extend the software's lifespan.

Data loss is a major risk during migration. Make sure you back up all your old systems. Work with software experts to develop a deployment plan and minimize the risk of data loss.

Finally, don't forget your employees during this transition period. Organizing workshops or training courses will not only keep them engaged, but also reduce the time needed to adapt to the new software system. This encourages rapid adoption of the new systems by staff, saving your company time and money.

Witify is here to ease the transition

We have the expertise to help your business move from legacy systems to modern integrated software, without major disruption or hassle.

We're committed to making the transition from your old software system to a new one as smooth and stress-free as possible.

To find out how Witify can support your business, contact us at (514) 916-3026 or via our contact form.

François Lévesque 1

François Lévesque

Directeur technique chez Witify

François Lévesque est cofondateur et directeur technique chez Witify. Spécialisé dans la gestion et le développement de projets logiciels et web complexes, il se consacre depuis 8 ans sur le développement de ERP, Intranets et CRM sur-mesure. Au fil de son parcours, il a développé une expertise approfondie en génie logiciel, se traduisant par une sensibilité particulière à la traduction des objectifs d'affaires en requis techniques précis. Ayant une vaste expertise en analyse et visualisation de données, François a également mené avec succès de nombreux projets de données avec des institutions gouvernementales.

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