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Arto Galleria

Arto Galleria is an online marketplace dedicated to promoting local and international talent via a simple, user-friendly platform. Witify has developed this virtual art gallery to promote the visibility and acquisition of works of art worldwide.

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Arto Galleria
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User-friendly purchasing process

Arto Galleria has revolutionized the online art-buying experience with a simplified, user-friendly process, developed with the help of Witify. From their first visit, art lovers are invited to explore the works available by filtering by art category, medium, artist's city, and more. This fine-tuning allows them to find the work that resonates most with them.

Once a work has been selected, shipping is made simple and transparent. Shipping rates, automatically calculated with leading carriers, are integrated into the purchase process, eliminating any uncertainty for both buyer and artist. The artist also benefits from precious time savings: a shipping label is automatically generated, leaving them only to schedule a pick-up or take the work to the nearest carrier.

Finally, Arto Galleria offers an exciting innovation: the buyer can virtually visualize the artwork in their own room using augmented reality on their smartphone, ensuring a perfect match with their space. This online art-buying experience is designed to be simple, transparent and immersive.


Frictionless onboarding

With the help of Witify, Arto Galleria has been able to implement an onboarding process for artists that is unrivalled in terms of efficiency and ease of use. We developed an intuitive user interface that allows artists to simply enter some basic information and an overview of their portfolio to get started.

Witify also optimized the conversion rate of registrations by minimizing any friction. We've designed an efficient administration tool that allows managers to approve or reject artists with just a few clicks. An undeniable asset is the automatic dispatch of constructive recommendations in the event of rejection, demonstrating a genuine concern for the user experience.

Communication is also at the heart of Witify's strategy. They have integrated an automatic email system that informs the artist at every stage of the registration process, establishing total transparency.


Intuitive configuration

Witify has transformed profile management for artists on Arto Galleria into an intuitive, easy-to-use process. Artists have total control over their profile: they can easily change their photos, adjust their artist name, configure delivery options, and add a list of exhibitions. This flexibility allows them to customize their presence on the platform as they see fit, while maintaining exceptional ease of use.

When adding a work, artists can not only provide key details such as frame type and delivery options, but can also create a virtual gallery and even create photo montages to visualize their work in an indoor context. Witify has also introduced advanced tagging functionality: artists can add categories and specific keywords to help categorize and highlight their work.

Witify's success lies in its ability to marry simplicity with depth of customization, offering artists a first-rate user experience while giving them complete freedom to express their artistic individuality.


Tangible results

10 000+
Artworks added post-launch

10,000 artworks added following the launch of the platform.

5 000+
Artists added post-launch

Artists registered on the platform following the launch in 2021.

12 000+
Unique visitors per month

Over 12,000 unique visitors per month on the marketplace.


Thanks to the support and expertise of the technical team at Witify, Arto Galleria, our virtual art gallery, has undergone invaluable development. [...] They are more than a team of talented programmers, they have become true collaborators committed to the success of our project.

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Camille Grosleau
Sales Manager, Arto Galleria
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