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Baseball Town

Baseball Town is Canada's largest baseball retailer. Thanks to an innovative RFID card, members can both enjoy the batting cages under the same roof, and take advantage of in-store discounts. The tailor-made management system built by Witify enabled this synergy between the two businesses.

Custom Management System
Baseball Town
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Complete user management interface

The Adapass system's management interface allows users to manage member accounts, cassiers, managers and administrators. Employees can easily open a member's file by scanning their RFID card to view subscription history, add tokens or leave notes.

User profile page
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RFID access control

Members can access the batting cages independently with their reloadable membership card. In-store, they can also use it to benefit from discounts on baseball merchandise. This synergy between stores encourages members to remain loyal over the long term.

Rich dashboards

Graphs and tables can be used to break down usage down to the minute, enabling periodic checks to be carried out. Administrators and managers can filter by date, member number and branch to drill down into the data at their leisure in just a few clicks.

In parallel, customized daily reports have been developed by Witify to meet the company's precise needs and prevent fraud.

Stats dashboard
Stats dashboard 2

Tangible results

From membership management to integration with Baseball Town's e-commerce, the system built by Witify has enabled the company to differentiate itself and gain speed in its growth.
2 000 000+
Tokens used

Tokens used since commissioning

50 000+

Members managed by the system

48 000+

Memberships managed by the system


It's a development team that's at the cutting edge of technology. They quickly understand our business needs, and every time it's a winning investment. I would recommend Witify without hesitation.

Francois Joly
François Joly
President - Baseball Town
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