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Boursify is an event-based stock market simulation software for schools and companies wishing to offer an educational and entertaining experience to their students or employees.

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Our approach

Witify needed to develop a software solution that would offer event organizers and their attendees an unparalleled experience, in sharp contrast to the previous software. Witify therefore had to take charge of brand design, product development, interface design and platform structure, from A to Z.

The solution, 100% turnkey, had to enable scenario creation, an administration platform for organizers, real-time simulation management and a gaming platform for participants, all hosted in the cloud. Product planning, development and testing were all the responsibility of the Witify team.


Create unlimited scenarios

The Witify team had to work hand in hand with potential organizers to create an interface dedicated to this type of user, enabling them to quickly create scenarios. As all scenarios can contain a wealth of information, the process had to intuitively separate the various steps, while offering the possibility of adding infinite information. The generator was simplified in such a way as to enable efficient training of the workforce in its use.


Simulation algorithms

The team of developers had to acquire specific knowledge of the product's field - finance - in order to develop the complex algorithms needed to give the simulation its realistic appearance. Combined with various technological tools, the team integrated the concept of real time into the simulation, enabling player portfolios and the scenario to be dynamically updated to the second.


User experience

The design team created a modern, intuitive interface, allowing important information to be displayed on the screens dedicated to players, while retaining the product's trademark graphics. The interfaces were implemented to dynamically adapt to the parameters selected by the organizers during event preparation.

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