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Luminaire Authentik

Luminaire Authentik has been designing and manufacturing luminaires in their 16,000 square foot workshop since 2015. Since their inception, Witify has supported them in optimizing and automating their processes thanks to a 100% tailor-made ERP.

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Luminaire Authentik
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In the field

Witify, convinced that each company is unique, favors an "on the ground" approach to developing tailor-made ERP systems. In order to understand the daily realities of Luminaire Authentik employees, the Witify team immersed themselves in each step of their production chain.

This immersion allowed Witify to understand the concrete tasks, challenges and successes of each employee. These observations were essential to create an ERP system that reflects the reality of the daily work of employees and responds to their specific problems.

Direct interaction with employees also provided valuable feedback to refine the system under development. Witify was thus able to make adjustments based on user feedback, ensuring a system that is not only functional, but also embraced and appreciated by employees.

This “hands-on” approach has enabled Witify to build an ERP system perfectly suited to Luminaire Authentik's needs, transforming the way they work and improving their productivity.

Optimize and prioritize tasks in real time

Time and resource management is a major challenge for any manufacturer, and Luminaire Authentik is no exception. Thanks to its partnership with Witify, the company has been able to implement an automated scheduling and batch grouping system that has radically transformed the way it works.

The tailor-made ERP system developed by Witify optimizes and prioritizes tasks in real time. It uses state-of-the-art technology to analyze incoming orders, sort them by priority and group them into batches of related tasks. This approach not only saves valuable time by avoiding delays and downtime, but also improves overall company productivity.

The implementation of automated scheduling means that each task is assigned to its respective department as soon as it is received. As a result, no time is wasted waiting for tasks to be distributed, as the system does this automatically. What's more, grouping tasks by batch optimizes working time by avoiding frequent task changes that could lead to inefficiencies.

When it comes to customized Bill of Materials (BOM), Witify has created a solution that transforms orders and parameters into concrete tasks for each production department. Whether it's cleaning, painting, assembly or delivery, each department receives precise instructions on what to do, when and how. This optimizes every stage of the production process, reducing delays and improving efficiency.


Sales automation

In an ever-changing world where speed and efficiency have become the norm, Luminaire Authentik has gone one step further by automating its sales process thanks to the expertise of Witify. Customers can now browse, customize and request quotes in just a few clicks, thanks to the implementation of an intelligent quote creation platform and an interactive 3D designer.

A major innovation, the Intelligent Quotation Platform has simplified the sales process by providing a fast and efficient means of determining valid color, size and material combinations. By analyzing the parameters selected by the customer, the system can immediately calculate the exact cost in labor and inventory for production. This technology has revolutionized the quotation process, reducing errors and increasing the speed of response to customers.

With the introduction of the virtual store, Luminaire Authentik has been able to extend its support to remote buyers. Whether you're an international customer or simply prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home, this virtual store allows you to browse Luminaire Authentik's entire product range, ask questions and request quotes, all online.

By automating its sales process, Luminaire Authentik has not only increased its operational efficiency, but also improved its customer service. The company has leveraged Witify's tailor-made ERP solutions to transform the way it does business, and to continue satisfying its customers in an increasingly digital sales environment.


High-performance customer portal

Transparency and easy access to information are two essential elements of an excellent customer experience. With this in mind, Luminaire Authentik, in collaboration with Witify, has set up an innovative customer portal that gives customers a complete view of the progress of their orders and facilitates online payment.

The customer portal provides a real-time overview of order progress. Customers can follow every stage of production, from start to finish, including cleaning, painting and assembly, right through to delivery. This live tracking not only reassures customers about the progress of their orders, but also offers them unprecedented transparency into the production process.

Another major advantage of the customer portal is the ease of online payment. With its intuitive, secure user interface, the Luminaire Authentik customer portal simplifies the payment process. Customers can pay their bills in just a few clicks, wherever they are, and at any time that suits them.

In conclusion, the customer portal developed by Witify for Luminaire Authentik has revolutionized the way the company interacts with its customers. Not only has it improved the customer experience through greater transparency and a simplified payment process, it has also enabled Luminaire Authentik to distinguish itself as a leader in the use of technology to improve customer service.


Data analysis and forecasting

The power of data is undeniable in today’s business world. In order to remain competitive and continue to optimize its operation, Luminaire Authentik has chosen to exploit the full potential of data thanks to Witify solutions. The company now has sophisticated dashboards for analyzing past performance, forecasting future workload and evaluating employee performance.

Analyzing past performance is crucial to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each department. Witify dashboards allow Luminaire Authentik to visualize and evaluate the performance of each department over specific periods. Whether it’s cleaning time, assembly speed or delivery efficiency, these analytics provide a clear view of business performance over time and help identify areas for improvement.

Forecasting dashboards are equally important. They allow Luminaire Authentik to efficiently plan resources by forecasting future workload for each department. This feature helps anticipate peaks in demand and balance workloads, ensuring optimal productivity while avoiding employee burnout.

Finally, employee performance is not neglected. The system set up by Witify tracks the performance of each employee, highlighting those who are most effective and those who might need more support or training. This gives managers the information they need to motivate their team and drive continuous improvement.

Thanks to these data analyzes and the forecasts provided by Witify dashboards, Luminaire Authentik was able to deepen its understanding of its operations, optimize its processes and support its employees more effectively. The combination of these elements has resulted in continuous improvement in business performance and greater customer satisfaction.


Tangible results

Since the implementation of the customized ERP system, Luminaire Authentik's rapid growth has been driven by increased productivity and a reduction in errors and delays.
Increased productivity

Productivity increased by 40% as soon as 3 months in manufacturing and customer support departments.

Increase in turnover

300% increase in turnover since the implementation of the tailor-made ERP system.

Reduced errors

Approximately 4x fewer order errors in sales and production.


Witify supported us through all our fears and gave us clear and precise direction with a fully personalized ERP system, adapted to each of our departments. Our production speed increased by 40% in the space of 3 months.

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