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Matchwork is a B2B and SaaS platform for human services agencies supporting individuals who face barriers to employment.

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My MatchWork
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Tech Start-up

Psychometric analysis

Matchwork proposes job offers to respondents thanks to a system based on a psychometric questionnaire. Witify has developed the necessary tools to enable employment agencies to see the distribution of respondents and the most relevant job offers.


Flexible questionnaire generator

Witify has designed a flexible psychometric questionnaire creation system - making it easy to add, modify and remove questions. The platform administrator can save questionnaire versions to keep a complete record of his or her work.

Thanks to an intuitive, mobile-compatible interface, users can complete questionnaires at their own pace and track their progress. Answers are recorded as they are entered, so users can take a break and continue answering later.



Our experience with Witify has been nothing short of exceptional. […] Their consistently innovative and effective results have earned our highest recommendation for any business seeking a superior long-term technology partner

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Kenya Kondo
President, MyMatchWork