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SAUVéR System

Increasingly widespread, electric car-sharing in municipalities is as much an organizational challenge as a technological one. The SAUVéR platform facilitates fleet management, car-sharing and equipment sharing on a municipal and regional scale, from dispatching to invoicing, via control systems.

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Our approach

The innovative SAUVéR system is a platform that has greatly evolved since its very beginnings in 2016. From the first Minimum Viable Product (MVP), to the car-sharing, cab service and equipment-sharing platform it is today, we have always promoted a lean approach.

Being a highly innovative project, it was essential to develop in iterations to validate real needs in the field as quickly as possible. The aim was to develop the right tools for the existing problems. Avoid at all costs wasting time on functionalities that would be of no use to customers.

In close collaboration with the customer and future real users, each new feature was carefully developed. Through face-to-face testing, requirements were refined. After years of refinement, the platform has matured, and today is a dominant player in the ecosystem across Eastern Canada.


Fast, intuitive booking

Our team has designed and developed a PWA application on which users can quickly reserve a vehicle. A real-time estimate of the total cost of the trip is displayed even before the reservation is completed.

Using advanced parameters, municipalities can create pricing rules adapted to their reality. They can also define holiday periods, block customized time slots, manage different pricing for certain users, configure late penalties - the possibilities are endless.


Advanced role management

The SAUVéR system also offers advanced role management, enabling clear distinction of responsibilities within the organization. Administrators can easily assign specific roles to users, ranging from drivers to fleet managers and supervisors. This enables greater transparency and accountability in fleet management, which is essential to ensure the smooth running of the system.


Tangible results

As the 1st project of its kind in Canada, SAUVéR now serves over 30 municipalities across Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
Partner cities

More than 30 cities have been using SAUVéR since 2017.

Completed bookings

More than 200,000 reservations in the car-sharing and taxi system have been made since 2017.

Active users

More than 2,000 active users on the platform.


Witify has understood our needs from day 1, educating us, guiding us and accompanying us through the evolution of our system for over 7 years now. They are the cornerstone of our technological development.

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Yves Hennekens
President, YHC Environnement
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