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Customized management software (intranet, ERP, etc.) shapes your digital reality to manage your operations and your teams. Automation ensures process optimization and maximum efficiency gains.
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From technical design and software development to post-delivery maintenance and support, our team guides your software evolution. Working closely with you, we capture the essence of your business and build a digital solution that reflects it. We identify and address your inefficiencies to optimize your operational and management reality.

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1. Business and technical analysis

Before embarking on any technical work, it’s essential to establish your project on a solid, rigorous foundation. A business analysis enables us to get to grips with the reality of your business, formalize your needs and validate the foundations on which your software infrastructure will grow.

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2. Custom software development

Software development is the systematic process that translates your functional objectives into high-performance software solutions. At the heart of this process, programming is the inflection point where requirements are translated into robust technical solutions. Supported by documentation and testing, the deployment of management software is integrated into your business processes thanks to a structuring transition and training period.

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3. Support and ongoing development

The support and maintenance of your enterprise software ensures its continuity and evolution in line with your growing objectives. Service and support level agreements are in place to ensure your peace of mind after software deployment.

Questions and answers

François Lévesque

François Lévesque


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There are many synonyms and terms to describe management and automation software: management system, productivity tool, intranet, platform, ERP, WMS, CRM, and so on. In our jargon, we include any platform or software that facilitates, optimizes or maximizes a business need of a company or organization.

This can include HR, operations, sales, support, inventory, customer management, production, logistics, accounting, management and, ideally, the centralization of all these departments into a single system.

Many companies implement and customize existing software. Our approach is different: we do custom software development. Our approach is to design and develop modern cloud software for which you’ll never have any limits.

You’ve come to the right place. We can build a customized platform dedicated to your business needs. Whether it’s for centralized management, a customer portal, or partner access, we’ll make sure your technological vision materializes just the way you want it.

Depending on the system or software, different solutions are possible. If the software has APIs, it is possible to develop targeted bridges and tools to compensate for current deficiencies during a more definitive transition. In some cases, the source code can be reworked to bring it up to industry standards. 

Finally, in other cases, outdated software simply needs to be replaced, and a migration and transition strategy planned. A technical analysis is ideal for identifying possible solutions and drawing up an action plan within the timeframe you need.

Yes, we do. Although our approach is 100% bespoke, we remain pragmatic: many existing software packages are adequate and perform their main function well. In these cases, we maximize your current situation by integrating the relevant software into the new, custom-developed software. The analysis phase enables us to take stock of your existing software and identify which ones are worth keeping and integrating into your new technological reality.