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Business and technical analysis

A business analysis enables us to get to grips with the reality of your business, formalize your needs and validate the foundations on which your software infrastructure will grow.
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We build your foundation

The business and technical analysis phase ensures a stable foundation for all subsequent development. For us, it’s an essential step in endorsing the system vision and capturing the essence of the project. For you, it’s a crucial step in understanding the technical issues and validating the implications of each module.

At the end of this stage, you leave with a mapping of your processes, as well as a technical document explaining all the business rules, database diagrams and functional details.

Why start with a business and technical analysis?

Understanding the situation

The right software requires a thorough understanding of the current situation.

Identify opportunities

Many opportunities for optimization are waiting to be discovered, and to gain in efficiency and quality.

Planning with clarity

A precisely defined project allows detailed planning to stay in control.

Our business and technical analysis process

Our methodology is tailored to your company's needs and desired future objectives. Audits and transformation plans are always carried out with the aim of preparing the next phase and giving you the means to implement a concrete solution in the near future.


Discovery workshops

This phase includes a rigorous in-depth study of all the functional requirements and business rules of each department.

  • Meetings with the management team
  • Field visit and observation (if applicable)
  • Interviews with various departments
  • Collect feedback on current status

Formalization of procedures & data

This stage requires an inventory of the company’s existing information documents and technological tools.

  • Listing of data sources and file types
  • Analysis of tools and their use
  • Process mapping
  • Data schematization

Solution architecture

The final deliverable contains the proposed architecture, providing a clear definition of the project and its implementation plan.

  • Specifications (functional architecture)
  • Technical architecture
  • Detailed planning of schedules / budgets

What our clients say

Witify has understood our needs from day 1, educating us, guiding us and accompanying us through the evolution of our system for over 7 years now. They are the cornerstone of our technological development.

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Yves Hennekens
President, YHC Environnement

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François Lévesque


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The duration and cost of the analysis will vary according to the objectives sought and the company’s current situation. If we’re talking about replacing existing software, its complexity will have a major influence on the analysis. If we’re talking about a complete overhaul and the creation of an ERP for the company, this requires more rigorous mapping and interviews with the various departments, which increases both time and cost.

The simplest analyses typically take 2 weeks and cost a few thousand dollars, while more intensive analyses can require a few months and several tens of thousands of dollars. The availability of your team and the ease of access to information will also influence the duration of the analysis.

Depending on the type of mandate, it will probably be important for one of our experts to meet the supervisors of your various departments and teams. Observation and interaction sessions may also be required in order to properly identify all operational procedures. You can therefore expect to have a main point of contact who will have to act as an internal coordinator, while at the same time making your teams accessible for targeted meetings and workshops.

For simple technical mandates, access to your source code, data and application manager may be sufficient. For more comprehensive mandates, a complete inventory of the various information is essential to ensure that all angles are covered. This includes operational documents, access to current software, follow-up notes, etc. Whatever the case, the confidentiality of your sensitive information remains our priority, and a confidentiality agreement will be signed.

For many mandates, it is sufficient to carry out the exploration workshops remotely, and to hold the meetings by videoconference. However, for certain mandates involving the mapping of physical operations, observation sessions and visits are often required. This is more often the case for manufacturing and distribution companies.

Following such an analysis, you’ll have all the information you need to make strategic choices for your next actions. In addition to presenting you with the various alternatives, our team offers recommendations and puts our technical development team at your disposal for the programming of your tailor-made software. Armed with a deep understanding of your reality, you can leave the software development of your management and automation system to us with complete peace of mind.