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Custom software development

Software development encompasses all the technical and programming work required to complete a tailor-made management software package (ERP, intranet, etc.) and automation.
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We shape your software reality

Technology serving people, not the other way around, is the philosophy that drives our development team through every stage of technical work. We believe there should be no limits to your vision, and our approach ensures that we never put obstacles in front of you, only remove them. Our engineering team takes charge of the entire development process, using modern technologies to deliver your tailor-made project.

The impact of tailor-made software on organization

Efficiency gains

With 100% customization to your procedures, there are no more compromises. Maximize your processes and operations.


Whether your needs change or your business grows, your software evolves without standing still.

Organizational adoption

Tailor-made software built in collaboration with the team is adopted significantly faster.

Our software development process


Project analysis and design

A software project requires a thorough understanding of its requirements and challenges before programming can begin.

  • Analysis of operational situation
  • Specifications
  • Wireframes
  • Data schema
  • Technical architecture


The technical team uses the best technologies to accelerate development while preserving the quality of the code created.

  • Database creation
  • Front-end and back-end programming
  • Third-party software integrations
  • Dedicated project managet

Testing & documentation

Software central to your operations with proven robustness.

  • Automated testing
  • Behavior flow validation
  • Documenting digital procedures
  • Sandbox test environment


Deployment is the key moment that gives you access to the software with the real data and the autonomy to integrate it into your business.

  • Setting up the production environment
  • Migration
  • Training
  • Monitoring and iterative reviews

Support & ongoing development

Once the software is deployed, we ensure its durability and scalability through a continuous support and development service.

  • Error detection and performance monitoring tools
  • Service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Hosting and cloud management
  • Dedicated project manager

What our clients say 

Finding Witify was a real relief for us. Not only did they meet our specific needs with a tailor-made solution, they also supported us in our organizational transformation. Their technical expertise and unwavering support were crucial to our success.

Maude rondeau
Maude Rondeau
President, Luminaire Authentik

Safety at the heart of our approach

Security updates

We keep our tools, software and libraries up to date to ensure maximum security for your sensitive data and information.

ISO 27001 servers

We use servers protected by information technology security best practices.

Bank-level encryption

We use robust encryption protocols to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

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Questions and answers

François Lévesque

François Lévesque


(514) 916-3026

Development is greatly influenced by the desired functional coverage and level of quality control. Some projects prioritize rapid project delivery, while others require a near-perfect project before deployment. The more departments, teams and synergies involved in the project, the longer and more expensive it will be. Similarly, if integrations with external tools are required, development and communications related to these integrations must be planned for.

Our technology stack includes various tools for database management (MySQL), front-end development (HTML5, CSS3, Typescript, VueJS), back-end development (PHP 8, Laravel), DevOps (AWS, Docker). Our software is developed mainly in cloud and web format, to facilitate access for all users while maintaining the required performance.

All technologies used on your project are carefully vetted by our technical department before being approved for project use. Our cloud providers comply with ISO 27001 standards, and we implement additional levels of protection with encryption and firewalls. Our team is educated in organizational best practices and uses appropriate tools to interact with sensitive access such as password managers.

When we get close to the deployment phase, a detailed transition and training schedule is drawn up with you. All teams involved receive appropriate training and will be prepared for the transition. Our analysts can also travel if required to provide real-time supervision during the first few weeks of transition and support your management team.

To ensure alignment with your objectives and define the project framework, our team will always include an analysis phase beforehand. If you have already carried out such an analysis on your side, we can greatly reduce ours, but we need to take ownership of your reality in order to guarantee the quality of the software we will develop and the expertise of our team for it.