Management & automation software

Support and ongoing development

The support and maintenance of your enterprise software guarantees its continuity and evolution in line with your growing objectives.
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Your technology partner

Once your management and automation software has been deployed, a support team is put in place to accompany the lifecycle and evolution of the system. We enter a phase of continuous development where we can support you in product management, development or the refinement of certain modules.

Our team will help you design a long-term roadmap and understand the new technical challenges. This phase is designed in collaboration with your team and can take several forms.

A fully supported solution

Peace of mind

Our service agreements guarantee constant, proactive support and the ability to react to the unexpected.


Thanks to hour banks, you can ensure regular and constant progress of your solution.


Our team keeps abreast of your progress and proactively proposes ideas to support your growth.

Our continuous support & development process

The lifecycle of an enterprise system can easily extend over several decades. It's essential to keep it healthy, functional and relevant. A support agreement guarantees the viability of your software and your project.



Strategic hosting is carried out to select a supplier suited to your needs and budgets.

  • Server managementv
  • Performance monitoring
  • Data backups


Maintenance ensures software viability at all times.

  • Implementation of real-time error detection tools
  • Monitoring libraries and dependencies
  • Security updates

Service Level Agreement

A service level agreement ensures timely response and problem resolution.

  • Defined resolution times
  • Expected response times
  • Access to direct communication (email, phone, Slack, etc.)

Roadmap and development

Our team supports you in the continuous development of new modules and adjustments throughout the lifecycle.

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Dedicated engineer
  • Bank of planned hours
  • Product meetings

What our clients say

Our experience with Witify has been nothing short of exceptional. […] Their consistently innovative and effective results have earned our highest recommendation for any business seeking a superior long-term technology partner

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Patrick Vigeant

Patrick Vigeant


(514) 916-3026

While it’s possible to host your server and data on-premise, we strongly recommend cloud hosting, which will make it easier for us to monitor and continuously update your software without hindrance. We generally use Digital Ocean and AWS, which offer competitive packages hosted in Canada. We remain flexible and can adapt to your needs.

We have several service level agreements (SLAs) in place to ensure timely response and problem resolution. Depending on your response needs, you have several options. We have Enterprise packages that ensure response times of less than 30 minutes, and additional coverage under certain terms and conditions.

A technology project can last for decades. However, just like a building, it needs to be maintained and developed to avoid erosion. Investing in maintenance and ongoing development ensures that the software remains relevant at all times, and that it lasts.

Small companies (<100 employees) generally invest 6.9% of their sales in IT, while medium-sized companies (100-1000 employees) generally invest 4.1% of their sales in IT. Depending on the industry and operational reality, a 0.5-2% plan for the ongoing development of core management software is an appropriate investment for the company. It is important to evaluate forecasts with an expert in order to maximize the impact of invested budgets and roadmap forecasts.