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The Witify Lab is dedicated to software innovation in all its forms. Research, development and innovative design are at the heart of our approach.
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Innovation at your service

The range of existing technologies is as dreamy as it is frightening. Target and use the best tools to realize your vision. We’re committed to putting innovation to work for you.

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Web applications

Intuitive web portal, efficient transactional marketplace, innovative web platform – you have a vision and want to stand out from the crowd. Witify has the expertise to design, develop and power high-impact web applications.

We’re with you every step of the way, from defining requirements, to analyzing usage data, right through to deployment. Our mission: to turn your vision into reality.

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Mobile applications

We turn your ideas into innovative mobile applications. Drawing on our development expertise, we create tailor-made solutions for iOS, Android or multi-platforms, offering a fluid and intuitive user experience.

Each app is designed to enhance your brand, stimulate customer engagement and boost your bottom line. Trust our dedicated team to bring your vision to life and propel your business into the palm of your users’ hands. Turn your digital ambitions into reality with Witify.

Questions and answers

Patrick Vigeant

Patrick Vigeant



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One of the main factors in innovation projects is uncertainty and the definition of requirements. The less tried and tested the functionality is on other platforms, the more complex and costly it is likely to be. Similarly, the less well-defined the requirements, the greater the likelihood that the project will be costly. It’s important to define priority functionalities and avoid scope creep in order to keep control of the project, particularly in the context of innovation. Options include the development of an MVP and/or a more rigorous design analysis beforehand.

Our team can design mock-ups and interfaces to optimize your product’s navigation for your audience. If you’ve already done work with a firm specializing in visual identity or UX, we’ll be happy to take over their work and implement it in the project.

Once the application has been deployed, our team provides maintenance, support and ongoing development of your customized application. Firstly, real-time monitoring and error detection tools are integrated into your application to ensure proactivity with regard to potential problems. Secondly, time banks are scheduled with you to ensure the functional and technical evolution of your customized application.

In addition to hosting your application on a secure server and encrypting it with bank-level encryption, all the technologies we use are regularly examined to ensure that no security loopholes are detected. Regular updates are carried out to maintain the highest security standards.