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A web platform is an easy access point for all your users to access the power of the software through the efficiency of the cloud and their browser.
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Support from A to Z

Whatever the type or size of your web project, we guarantee your satisfaction and alignment with your business objectives. Our process encompasses everything from understanding your needs to UI/UX design, customization, back-end creation, and even hosting if desired.

Our web platform development specialists will also help you optimize, update and enhance your existing platforms, to help you excel and effectively reach your target audience.

An experienced team to support you

Technical expertise

Witify has a team of highly qualified web development experts capable of creating tailor-made web platforms to meet your exact requirements.

Collaborative approach

We value partnership with our customers and actively involve them at every stage of the development process, ensuring that the final product perfectly meets your expectations.

Ongoing support

Beyond development, Witify provides ongoing support and maintenance for your platform, offering regular updates to keep your platform up-to-date and competitive in the marketplace.

Our web platform design process

Drawing on our years of experience in the field, our iterative web platform development process maximizes development speed while focusing on quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Requirements analysis

We start the process with a detailed analysis of your requirements and objectives. This step gives us a precise understanding of your expectations for the web platform.

  • Definitions of requirements
  • Prioritizing objectives

UI/UX design

Our design team creates an attractive, intuitive user interface, with a focus on delivering an exceptional user experience.

  • High-level wireframes
  • Final mock-ups
  • User tests

Iterative development

Our developers embark on the creation of the web platform using the most advanced and appropriate technologies. Every feature is meticulously coded and rigorously tested.

  • Iterative development in 1-week sprints
  • Periodic adjustments to targets


We implement an extensive test suite to ensure platform quality, including unit testing, integration testing, performance testing and end-to-end testing.

  • Automated unit and end-to-end testing
  • User tests
  • Performance tests


Once we are satisfied with the quality of the web platform, we begin the deployment phase. This final stage involves preparing the server and domains to host the final product.


Maintenance and support

Following launch, Witify continues to provide technical support, frequent updates and maintenance to ensure that your web platform remains up-to-date, secure and competitive.

  • Fast technical support
  • Critical security updates
  • Performance and engagement analysis
  • Collecting and analyzing user feedback
  • Continuous improvement and new features

What our clients say

Thanks to the support and expertise of the technical team at Witify, Arto Galleria, our virtual art gallery, has undergone invaluable development. [...] They are more than a team of talented programmers, they have become true collaborators committed to the success of our project!

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Camille Grosleau
Sales Manager, Arto Galleria

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Questions and answers

Patrick Vigeant

Patrick Vigeant



(514) 916-3026

The cost and duration of a bespoke web platform are mainly influenced by the quantity of functionalities, the depth of the UI/UX (user paths and interfaces) and the rigor of the testing phase. 

Depending on deadlines, budgets and the type of product, it is sometimes advisable to deploy a first version for a smaller pool of users. In other cases, the expression “You only make one first impression” takes on its full meaning, particularly if sensitive data or behaviors are part of the product. 

Finally, if certain algorithms, requirements or technological objectives are uncertain, it’s possible that R&D (Research and Development) phases will be required to advance by iteration.

We use a wide range of cutting-edge technologies for our web platforms to guarantee the highest possible quality. For backend development, we mainly opt for Laravel, which, thanks to its varied ecosystem, enables us to create top-quality web services at impressive speed.

On the front-end development front, our main choices are Typescript and VueJS. We also use d3.js for specific custom data visualization needs. This ensures that our platforms are as visually appealing as they are powerful.

When it comes to hosting, we rely on DigitalOcean and AWS. For platforms that require more resources, we use a Serverless architecture, which ensures efficient management of any workload.

In addition, we have optimized our development process with our Sprintify framework. This is an artificial intelligence-based system that generates between 50% and 80% of source code in just a few minutes. This formidable tool enables us to develop our software faster and more efficiently, while guaranteeing first-rate software quality.

Although all our web platforms are naturally responsive (mobile-responsive), we can carry out additional tests for less conventional sizes. An understanding of the platform's target audience will enable us to identify the different types of device that will be used, whether desktop, tablet or mobile, to ensure an optimal user experience.

At Witify, we host your web platform on a secure server and use bank-level encryption. The technologies used are regularly audited and updated to prevent security breaches. Our proactive approach ensures optimum security for your web platform.

Our team is continually educating itself on the new standards required for GDPR (European standards) and Bill 25 (Quebec standards) compliance. We follow the necessary measures for data confidentiality and management of sensitive information. Our servers and their data are hosted in secure locations that comply with standards.