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Our method in 4 phases

Designed to understand your unique needs and optimize your internal metrics.

Phase 1

Strategic meeting

The strategic meeting is dedicated to listening to the customer, targeting priority needs, understanding the company and its current positioning in its long-term path.

  • Comprehensive understanding of the company and its needs
  • Building the company's journey and its objectives
  • Research and definition of pain points and value addition opportunities
Phase 2

Process analysis

Process analysis is dedicated to deep understanding of the systems, routines and methods used for the project's target need.

  • Detect and target common inefficiencies (redundancy, integration, external objectivity, bottleneck and human errors)
  • Establish an optimal solution with a high-level analysis easy to understand (cost, complexity, time)
  • Plan transition from the current status to desired status
Phase 3


The implementation of the solution is carried out in a personalized way by our technology professionals, keeping in mind the priority of the customer's user-experience.

  • Increase the ROI of the functional department or the targeted project (reduction of human errors, less duplication)
  • High-level analysis systems to provide an overview for managers / VPs in charge of the solution while connecting the various strategic stakeholders
  • Simple, easy and efficient integration into current systems to provide a turnkey experience (training, integration, etc.)
Phase 4

Project report

The project report takes place in two stages: an immediate analysis of the solution and its integration and related opportunities, then a return a few months later to establish a follow-up on the integration into the business model.

  • Confirm the transition from the positioning of the old internal status to the new internal status
  • Establish future opportunities related to the project that can be addressed in a future to be determined.
  • Measure and justify the impact of the software in the company with the different stakeholders
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