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Stock market simulation software for schools and businesses.


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Software development

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Boursify is a stock market simulation software for schools and businesses that offer an educational and entertaining experience to their students or employees.

A stock market simulation event is a popular event with finance buffs, organized by their school/student associations. This type of event usually lasts half a day or a full day and can bring together up to several hundred participants. As part of the simulation, participants see themselves as Wall Street-style traders, receive a fake portfolio, and must trade through a fictional scenario in order to make the most money possible.

It is very popular with student finance associations at universities and CEGEPs and is organized as a competition. Previously, only one software alternative existed for organizers wishing to host this type of event.

Incredible experiences with Boursify software


Witify needed to develop a software solution that offers event organizers and their attendees an unparalleled experience that stands out from the previous software. Witify therefore had to take charge of brand design, product development, interface design and platform structure, from A to Z.

The solution, 100% turnkey, was to allow the creation of scenarios, an administration platform for the organizers, a simulation management in real time and a gaming platform for the participants, all hosted on the cloud . The planning of the product, as well as its development, and its test phase, was the expertise of the Witify team.

Intuitive and simple UI on Boursify Application

The solution enables scenario creation, management platform for organizers, real-time simulation management, and gaming platform for participants.

Limitless scenario creation

The Witify team had to work with the potential organizers to have an interface dedicated to this type of user, allowing them to quickly create scenarios. Since all scenarios could have a wealth of information, the process had to intuitively separate the various steps, while offering the possibility of adding infinite information. The generator has been simplified so that it can effectively train manpower for its use.

Quickly creation custom scenario with Boursify Generator

Simulation algorithms

The team of developers had to acquire specific knowledge in the field of the product, finance, in order to develop complex algorithms allowing the simulation to offer its so realistic appearance. By adding various technological tools, the team integrated the real-time concept into the simulation, allowing players' portfolios and the scenario to be dynamically updated to the nearest second.

High quality stocks simulations

User Experience

The design team has created a modern and intuitive interface, which allows you to find important information on the screens dedicated to the players, while keeping the graphic mark of the product. The interfaces have been implemented to dynamically adapt to the parameters selected by the organizers during the preparation of the event.

Boursify Mobile application


Boursify finally saw its first public use, during the simulation organized by College André-Grasset and Marianopolis College. This event was a great success, with several participants having expressed their preference for the new software over the old one.

McGill trading simulation
André Grasset trading simulation
Marianopolis trading simulation
Letendre trading simulation
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