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The Trajectory Explorer is an online tool designed to facilitate the comparison of possible transformation paths to achieve zero net GHG emissions in Canada by 2050.

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The Trajectory Explorer is an online resource dedicated to the comparison of various transformation trajectories towards a Canada with zero net emissions by 2050. It aggregates millions of data points from complex modeling and displays them in a powerful web-based format.

The tool features two major functionalities: one for visualizing models and variations between selected scenarios, the other for examining sensitivity analyses linked to production, technology, demand and other strategies. The "High-Level Comparison" view presents scenarios on an intensity map, highlighting their differences. From here, users can filter scenarios according to their areas of interest. These filtered scenarios can then be examined in greater detail in the "Detailed Comparison" view. Finally, for a more in-depth analysis, users can select a specific graph in the "Zoom on a single graph" view.


Dive into editorial analysis

It is possible to consult a variety of interactive analyses carried out by IET experts. By selecting a particular analysis, the user is guided through a methodical explanation of the key results.

Specific elements of interest are highlighted on the corresponding graphs. Analyses convey a message eloquently through interactive animations, which move as the reading progresses.

To explore further, the user can obtain more information via a tooltip, or zoom in on a graph for more in-depth exploration.



Our visualization tool would not have been what it is without the invaluable collaboration of Witify. The team helped us define the objectives we wanted to achieve with this new tool, and then provided us with clear and effective interfaces. Their team knows how to present data.

Louis Beaumier
Louis Beaumier
Executive Director, Trottier Energy Institute
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